Have small and medium-size projects that require 20′ portable shipping containers? Universalmobilecontainers.com is the answer to your needs. Our 20’ storage containers fit in a single parking space and are the perfect answer to storage needs that require more space than a 10-foot storage container. Easily customizable to your requirements, these containers can conveniently serve as site offices or guard shacks and fit industrial and commercial storage requirements.


Exterior dimensions:

20’ 0″ L x 8’ 0″ W x 8’ 6” H

Interior dimensions:

19’ 4″ L x 7’ 8” W x 7’ 10” H


Common Usage

Excess Material and Equipment Storage

8’x20’ Storage Container Features:

Lockable door handles
Increased vents to reduce condensation
Uniformly painted beige to blend with surroundings
Standard lock boxes provides additional protection
Available high-security lock option on all units
Forklift pockets provided to facilitate movement and stacking
Wind and Watertight
Available variations like shelf rack and pipe rack
Accessories such as mini-blinds and plan tables
Optional upgrade to climate-controlled insulated containers

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